Puppy Training / Dog Training

We recognise that your dog is part of your family and we passionately want to support you both enjoying life together. Dog Training & our Perfect Puppy Training Program makes for a great foundation to a long relationship.

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Puppy Training / Dog Training Principles

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At Barkley Manor we recognise that your dog is part of your family and we passionately want to support you both enjoying life together. Whether adding some day time dog training with one of our in-house dog training staff, having some fun together in one of the weekend dog training classes / night time dog training classes or a one on one dog training program, we help guide you through everyday doggy “challenges” and create a life that suits you and your dog

Our dog training & puppy training principles are based on you and your dog having a positive relationship where your dog does as you wish because it wants to, rather than because it has to. Why? A dog that looks up to its owner and therefore wants to please its owner is a reliable happy dog. Dogs that are physically forced into compliance live lives full of unhappiness, stress and anxiety, a space that is counter-productive to learning. 

Day Time Dog Training

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Our on staff dog trainers use positive methods of reinforcement and through mixture of tasks and Canine Enrichment processes we teach your dog commands using ‘muscle memory’ so they have a base level of understanding to then use at home / out and about.

NIGHT / weekend classes

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We offer a variety of dog training classes, from traditional dog obedience, dog enrichment and dog agility classes - but we limit dog training groups to smaller numbers of 6 - 8,  to maximise learning experience for all. Families and couples are encouraged to join in. Lots of dog training games and off lead activity to ensure both you and your dog have fun!

ONe on One consults / Retreats

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Whether a ‘start for success’ or a ‘need a refresh’ , our collective of specialist dog trainers and dog behaviourists have pretty much seen it all and want to share their dog training experience and passion to help you and your dog lead the best life together. Whether training at home or out and about we come and spend time with you and your family at a time that suits you.


perfect PUPPY TRAINING program

The sweet spot to start Puppy Training for any family and their new puppy, is at Juvenile puppy stage 8 - 20 weeks, where their puppy brain is not only like a sponge for learning but it’s also the puppy stage where the type of experiences that they have can truly define the future you have with them.

Our passion is training puppies, not just for the puppy cuteness overload but for the sheer joy of seeing how their puppy minds can be supported and steered for the very best life, not only for the puppies life for for your life too.



6 week Puppy Training Program tailored to YOUR life & your new puppy.

Our Puppy Training Program was developed using proven scientific research & over a decade of experience using an approach that is positive, structured and a fun way to introduce your new puppy into YOUR life, now & laying a good foundation for the years to follow with the new member of your family.


home visits

  • Puppy Potting Training Tips

  • Puppy Proofing - set up your home as your new addition arrives

  • Puppy Perfection - alongside puppy training classes, we work to master any challenges and create the prefect week for you and your puppy.


Puppy daycare

  • Daily special puppy training groups

  • Focus on learning, playing and lots of resting for developing puppy minds

  • Training Dogs for the 5 Rules of Life and Basic Manners



  • Weekend / After work classes

  • Socialising and learning for you and the family

  • Small training groups / personal care and attention

Puppy Training Classes

Start Dates

Baby Puppy

Wednesday October 16th - 7:30pm

Saturday October 12th - 10am

Thursday October 24th - 7:30pm

Saturday November 9th - 2pm

Wednesday November 20th - 6.30pm

Saturday November 23rd - 10 am

Toddler Puppy Manners

Wednesday September 25th - 7:30pm

Saturday October 5th - 1pm

Saturday October 19th - 9am

Wednesday October 30th - 7:30pm

Refined Manners

Thursday September 26th - 6:30pm

Saturday October 12th - 11am

Thursday October 31st - 6:30pm

Saturday November 23rd - 11am

training dogs for life

Classes run by the lovely team at


our Dog Training PHILOSOPHY

There is no one size fits all … learning is optimal when we focus on You and Your dog

Day Training or

Country Retreats

the 5 Rules

Our on staff dog trainers take some one on one time to help your dog master the Barkley basics

No Jumping, No Pushing, No Shouting for attention, No Bullying, No Ignoring your name

success in the city

Tackling some more specific issues to make dog Daycare and / or City life happier and safer for you and your puppy dog

  • On lead fun - Entry and Exit perfection

  • Impulse Control

  • Resource Guarding

success at home

Often the best success is just a matter of re-setting a family approach or adding some simple layers of routine and structure.

One of our dog training staff meets you at Barkley for a brief consult and then a program of at home / out and about learning is created



Day Time Puppy & Dog Training

Extra tuition and enrichment during the daycare schedule. Rate in addition to daycare charges.

Training Sessions Rate
Refreshed Manners / The 5 Rules 4 x sessions $100
Puppy Enrichment Program 6 x sessions $150
Rise Up Calm Down 4 x sessions $120
Entry Exit Perfection 4 x sessions $100

Owner and Puppy / Dog Training Classes

Small groups - age / experience appropriate classes - all weather facility - focus on fun, learning and off lead safety

Training Sessions Rate
Baby Puppy - 10 to 16 weeks 5 x Classes $299
Puppy Enrichment Program 2 consults+ 6 x classes + Daycare $550
Toddler Puppies - 16 weeks plus 5 x classes $299
Refined Manners 5 x classes $249
Games, Tricks and Agility 4 x classes $249

1 on 1 / Behavioural Consult

Bespoke and personal approach to helping with any daily challenges

Consult type Sessions Rate
Behavioural Consult at Barkley 1 x 15 minutes free
Behavioural Consult at HOME 1st Session 2 hours / Follow Up $350-400 / $100-150
Training Consult 1 x 1hr Session $100-150

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